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Retail therapy

The researchers discovered that feeling down triggers self-centered thinking. This egocentrism augments the likelihood that some one spend more money than usual for an item, in order to make them feel better.

arrow_blue_small Depression Leads To Egocentrism Which Augments Money Spending

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From my own experience in the past and numerous observations, some people get in a state of long term underlying depression/dissatisfaction which may be curable but not necessarily temporary. This unease does not surface on their face but such people become chronic spenders until the root cause is itself eliminated/treated.

Though, it may not always be in terms of money. You might as well be spending the “time” currency. Did you find yourself spending a lot of time on blogs or YouTube, which you would not otherwise be doing?

So next time you realise that you have started spending on non-essentials regularly, ask yourself what is it that is bothering you.

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