Solar system is neither Earth-centered nor Sun-centered

The Solar system is neither Earth-centered nor Sun-centered because it is both Earth-centered and Sun-centered and more, i.e. a matter of perspective. A six part article at Caltech site that aims for a simple explanation of ‘relativity’.

The Disputed Center of the Universe

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But logically i guess that solar system should be sun centered as the name itself signifies so,moreover its only because of sun that life is possible on earth..the ellipse are also around the sun not the earth …but i guess its again a perspective

This is the first site I have come across acknowleding a position that I have long been thinking about. Heliocentric / geocentric / moon-centric / jupiter-centric – It’s really just a matter of selecting a reference frame. As Einstein himself says also, all inertial ref. frames are equal in themselves – it is up to us to select a frame that is most convenient for us. The Laws of Physics are true in all inertial reference frames. Thank-You for your contribution to my on-going deliberations.

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