How to choose your religion

Don’t remember how this site came to my attention, but if want to choose a religion you might wish to look at the Belief-o-matic!

I’m not seriously suggesting that you should choose a faith solely based upon a website quiz, but it was illuminating in the type of question asked, and what the answers where; any study of comparative religion could find this beneficial. It provides at the end a list of faiths, and facts about them; doubling interesting in that the faith I considered myself to closely aligned to was a long way down the list!


Productivity Technology

Synergy and tools

Every so often there’s a tool that makes your life so much easy that you forgot you’re using it. Like many software developers, I have ended up with two different machines on my desk. One WinXP, the other Linux. Synergy is one tool that can make my life so much more easy.

One keyboard, one mouse to control two different machines, and different operating systems.

Synergy @ Sourceforge

Art Education

Introduction to Music Theory

Create commons books at Connexions, with an excellent one of music theory; I was impressed as the book started not with the expected (this is a musical stave, with the notes) but with what a standing wave was, and worked from there.

Introduction to Music Theory