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Lewis Hamilton rocks F1 world!!

22 year old Brit rocks F1 world in his debut year — six podium positions in all of six races of 2007 so far, wins the Grand Prix in the sixth one, and leads the 2007 F1 Drivers’ Championship — achieving something never achieved before!

Hamilton has set four Formula One records in quick succession. With his first start at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix, he became the first black driver to compete in Formula One. At the 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix, he became the first F1 driver to finish in the top three in his first three races. After he finished second at the 2007 Spanish Grand Prix, he became the youngest driver ever to lead the drivers’ championship. Hamilton gained his first victory at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix and became the first black person to win a Formula One race.

“Increasingly those in the know in F1 are talking about Hamilton as potentially one of the greatest drivers in history.”

Sky’s the limit for Hamilton

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Interesting facts. Just two years ago we saw a new “youngest world champion” in F1 in the form of Fernando Alonso and last year he became the youngest double champion..This year we may either see the youngest triple champion or an all new youngest champion. Everyone was saying the same things about Alonso when he achieved his feats. Alonso made it happen in a Renault where as Hamilton has had it easy so far by being with the strongest team of the season so far. However the two time world champion is a team partner and is preferred over the rookie. Canadian GP was the first time we saw Alonso lose his most prized asset – his temprament, his cool, and made major mistakes repeatedly. It will be an exciting season to watch who wins!

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